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Selected Projects

Insert for Comfort, 2016
Installation view, Petite Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

At risk of self obliteration, Rachel Wark and Dick P.Wag devote themselves to the preservation of fleeting pleasures and erect a shrine fit host a obstreperous soiree.

Define Divine, Ongoing
Multi-media installation and web-based image generator (Define-Divine.com)

Define Divine is exploration of the validity of an sacred image and/or object as it is reproduced and re-contextualized through a western capitalistic POV. Generating images as they are posted to Ebay, Define-Divine.com introduces an infinitely evolving database of divine photographic content. With intent to sell, these new photographic images of three-dimensional representations propose to transcend and topple the contemporary standard of Christian Iconography.

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Heart Spea Spa, 2014
Looped video installation, (6:03)